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OpenPGP for smart cards made easy.

No more terminals, no more typing or entering options multiple times. All you need to do is fill out a few fields, and click a few times.

An illustration depicting the UX of Tumpa. It has an envelope with a letter and a lock depicting encrypted emails and a yubikey used to decrypt emails.

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Tumpa is available as a Desktop application for MacOS (Apple silicon) and Linux

Download (v0.10.0)


Easy Key Management

Tumpa makes creation and management of keys super easy. You can create and update OpenPGP keys with a few clicks using a GUI. In the future you will be able to change the expiration dates and add/revoke user ids, removing any need of a command line.

Tailored for Yubikeys

You can upload an OpenPGP key to a Yubikey (4/5) with minimal effort. Designed by usability researchers to maximize the user experience. It's probably the first ever desktop application which enables upload via clicks.

Built in Public Interest

We believe that privacy should be for everyone and should be an easy user experience. We are building this Free Software so that everyone can have a better experience and more security using smartcards while doing OpenPGP operations.